If you haven't figured it out yet, some of us are big fans of clever cartography. We were therefore quite pleased when we came upon a cache of maps designed by the folks at mySociety that show the relationship between time and distance from certain points in London. The time contour maps let you know how quickly you can get to the Department of Transport, the BBC Television Centre and other locations via transit. They've also put together maps to help commuters determine where it's faster to take personal transportation and where it's faster to take public transportation. But now they've added an even better feature.

The new version of their time contour map is interactive and lets commuters choose where they'd have to live to get to work in a certain amount of time. Recognizing that time isn't the only factor in where people choose to live, the map is also adjustable by median house price. Adjust the sliders and you can find the pockets of London where you can keep your commute under 30 minutes and your mortgage payment under $5,000 a month. It's a lot easier than making The Stig take the train. [mySociety]