Gino d'Ignazio Gizio has a dream. A dream where the average person has access to his or her own flying car. A dream where long commutes are a thing of the past and people take to the skies at 350mph with the freedom and ease we currently enjoy in our land-based cars (as long as we don't live someplace where there's, you know, traffic). Gino wants his Cell Craft to facilitate that dream. The problem, he hasn't quite figured out how it works yet.

The Italian helicopter pilot and self-styled futurist wants his Cell Craft to be capable of vertical take off and landings, as well as hovering. He knows this can be achieved through a vectored thrust system, similar to that used by the Harrier jump jet, but he hasn't quite cracked the engineering code on how to make it controllable. He knows he wants to make all the Craft's functions operable through a single joystick, but he doesn't know how to do that yet, either. And he knows he wants it to be both light and safe, but doesn't yet know which materials to use.


We, too, share Gino's dream of high-speed flight and of course hovering for the masses. We just think it's a bit farther off than he does.