By including an eye-monitoring system in some vehicles, Toyota is the latest manufacturer to take a stab at the problem of drivers falling asleep at the wheel. Toyota's tech works a lot like EyeAlert a product we featured many-a-year ago.

The system includes a dash mounted camera that keeps an eye on your, uh, eyes. It can determine the angle of a driver's face and then calculate if the eyes are "properly open," which would likely mean from 60 to 100 percent open.


The added bonus of this system is the ability to sense imminent collisions. If you're about to slam into a median or possibly a forest, the system recognizes if the the face is not facing forward or the eyes are closed and quickly alerts the driver that something is about to go down and advises said driver to go get a Red Bull or brace for impact.

The system will first be made available on Japanese Toyotas. No word if it will ever make it stateside. [Fareastgizmos]