UK based Arash isn't planning to unveil its first vehicle - the range topping LS9 powered AF-10 - until late this year. But the company is already working on a follow up. The AF-8 will be to the AF-10 what the Gallardo is to the Murcielago: a cheaper, more practical vehicle that will be sold in larger numbers. These early design sketches show a mid-engined, Le Mans inspired supercar, with Arash's signature smiley front end. A production version should be ready for sale some time in 2010.

Arash, formerly known as Farboud, hasn't yet decided on a powerplant for the AF-8. Both a smaller capacity GM V8 or a turbo diesel are under consideration. Expect either option to give a top speed in the low 200mph range, with a sub 3.5 second 0-60 time.

It's expected that the AF-8 will share the steel-and-carbon composite construction of the AF-10, but will undercut that model by about £50,000, with a projected price of £120,000. [Via Arash Cars]