If you're like us, you're waiting for the next Fast and Furious movie with bated breath. And since plot and dialogue are of decreasing importance to the series, they're already trotting out cars for the next installment. An early example is a heavily modified 2008 Mustang put together by the folks at Stangpede Mustang. Just to show how fast they are, the team demonstrated how quickly an FAF car can be created by converting a stock 2008 Mustang GT into a show car in exactly six hours (with an untold number of prep hours) for crowds at the San Diego International Auto Show.

The Mustang gets the kind of treatment on the outside you'd expect for such a car, including all sorts of unnecessary touches like the vertical door kit. Under the hood is a Saleen 550-hp supercharger kit to get the car moving furiously after all the extra weight added by the hundreds of layers of paint. [Mustang Evolution]