Something fishy just leaked onto the Bimmer-centric site edBMW. It's a supposedly leaked document that compares the freshly unveiled BMW X6, Porsche Cayenne, and Range Rover Sport head to head, oh yeah, and also provides info on two diesel variants. The comparo makes it look like the new X6 is a gift from the acceleration gods, dutifully spanking both competitors (which strangely do not include the Audi Q7) in both acceleration and fuel consumption. We'll take that with a grain of salt and wait for independent testing first. It's that part about two different diesels that's interesting though.

While we were fully aware there was to be a diesel option for the almost a coupe, not quite an SUV, we didn't know what it would be, nor that there would be two options. The info shows contradictory elements though. Two different power outputs for their 3.0 liter diesel - 235 hp and 286 hp. The lower power model would be called the BMW X6 xDrive30d, and the higher power model the BMW X6 xDrive35d. The funny part is that both engines show the same capacity, thus the BMW naming convention makes no sense. Something funny going on over there.