Since the motoring press is not going to get to get our hands on either the 2009 Dodge Ram or the 2009 Ford F-150 for a while we thought we'd jump the gun and do a comparison based off things we've seen and scraps of info they've told us.

Best Reveal

While we don't want to hate anymore on Toby Keith and his Ford Truck Man-liness, we have to give Dodge and their team for putting together such a steer humping good time. Hundreds of Longhorn cattle will trump jingoistic country music any day.


Most Unnecessary Press Shot

We think we heard from Ford PR people at least 1,000 times that you could load a flatscreen television in the back of the F-150 with it's folding seats and roomier cabin. And while that might be a good selling point we get the fucking picture. But just in case we didn't they actually sneaked a press shot of the F-150 with a flatscreen television box inside of it. If that comes with the review vehicle we're keeping it.


Best Feature

There's nothing more we hate than having to go back into a cooler to get our beverage or sub sandwich. That's why we're glad Dodge put a storage area with a drain hole (for ice) on the floor of the rear passenger space. Anyone want a beer? You're out of luck, all we have is the fancy herb lemonade from Smart.


Best Gigantic Grille

You have to give it to the F-150, though the Ram's grille continues to grow in size, there's nothing that quite matches up to the F-150 in sheer shiny chromeness. And not only can you have the chrome, you can have the chicken-wire grille, full on mesh and the new Platinum Edition's weird electric shaver to mach 3 look.


Best Power

Ford won't release power numbers, towing numbers or MPG numbers. To hell with that.



So far, inconclusive. Look for a real head-to-head comparison when the cars are actually drivable.