For double triple rizzle, I really try to whack these here COTDs down to a single commenter. I do. However, sometimes the cards get flopped a little funny. Like today. After some, uh, "brain storming" with Ben we realized that outstanding comments would be coming from one post in particular: the schnoz of the 2009 Camaro. As it happened, there were two real good comments, with one winning out by just a hair. Perhaps half a hair.

Most of you commenter types seem to really hate the Camaro's freshly revealed front end. Which puzzles us, as it looks just like the concept. But I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. In fact, OGZ sorta sums up what I'm feeling:

i'm a jalopnik commenter. i hate everything, especially new things. robble, robble, robble.

Robble robble, indeed, whatever the hell that means. Notice how I said "sorta sums up." Because, believe it or not, life exists beyond Gawker blogs. Beercheck knows this:

It doesn't look like a fish. Which is nice.


(Honorable mention — caferacer1200)