Maybe it's the love in the air. Or maybe one of Santa's reindeer passed gas while skipping over my house. Regardless, I've been in quite an emotional mood as of late, and that's pretty obvious if you checked out yesterday's QOTD. We'll just call this Feelings Week. Er, maybe Hippie Week. Should that be Hippie Weak? Now that I'm done rambling, I helped a buddy of mine test drive an Audi A3 a few months back.

He really wants the diminutive Audi, and while he can afford the $26,000, he's nervous as he's never owned a new car. I kept trying to persuade him into biting the bullet by reminding him what a great car the A3 is, how well it handled, the sharp interior and how totally killer the double sunroof is. And for every point I brought up, he would quote something from Forbes or the Motley Fool explaining what a poor economic decision a new car is and how he's just going to run his Dodge Stratus into the ground. Back and forth we sparred until I finally said, "Imagine getting into your car every day to go off to work, and loving it. Just absolutely loving the feeling of being behind the wheel." That almost had him. He's put about $1,200 into the Stratus since then. I wish I could adequately explain how great it felt climbing out of the sarcophagus-like Cyber Barge and back into my own wannabe rally car. Anyhow, I'm sick of writing about it and I'm sure you're sick of reading about it, but I love every second I'm in the WRX. Every single one. You?