UPDATE: We snagged ourselves a higher-res version of the new Knight Rider commercial. We've replaced the ol' and busted one with the new hotness you see above and added the text of the commercial below the jump. The second commercial for the new Knight Rider's aired just weeks after the first and it's got us thinking. OK, so the new K.I.T.T.'s a Mustang GT500KR, right? And it's got all these great standard features, right? 550 horses under the Cylon-like hood, race-tuned suspension, Xenon headlights with infrared, military satellite access, and all the rest. But where's the turbo boost, eh? Seriously — that's all we want — a little bit of turbo boost. Is that too much to ask for? We don't think so.

Finally, a motorcar that defines indulgence. 550 horsepower...standard. Racing-tuned suspension...standard. Xenon headlamps with Infrared night vision...standard. Metallic paint with nanotech-enhanced camouflage, access to military satellite...imaging...self-regenerating and damage...FBI network...high-speed internet...solar-powered hybrid engine...artificial intelligence...voice-activated GPS...standard. Driver? Optional. But really...enough about me.

Yup, still no turbo boost. [Hat tip to Knight Rider Online]