"Tango and Cash" Monster Truck for Sale on eBay

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"Tango and Cash" may have been the most unappealing cop-buddy movie ever put to celluloid. Dapper Tango (i.e., Silvester Stallone), wooden as a cigar-store Indian on "Antiques Roadshow," was straight man to sloppy Cash (i.e., Kurt Russell), a low-rent Martin Riggs with none of the loopy charm. Even the villianous Jack Palance, an actor who was turning in cartoonish intensity long before Al Pacino did his first tomato-sauce commercial, looked bored as hell. Still, that movie (apparently) also starred a futuristic truck-like vehicle of some kind, which is now for sale on eBay. We'd give you more details, but there's no way we're sitting through that movie again. [Thanks to John for the tip.] [Update: Seth points out that this truck was used in the failed 1994 TV show "Island City." Seth, we're utterly amazed at, and frankly a bit frightened by, your recall of obscure pop-cultural bits. Authorities have been notified.]

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I hate to tell you but thats not the truck from Tango and Cash. The truck in Tango and Cash is Black and has four wheels, and this vehicle is Blue and appears to have six or eight wheels. It does look very similar.