While Jonny was being such a crybaby about the hanging out in lousy old California in Saturday's QOTD, I decided to go to Germany to escape the thirteen inches of snow that fell in good old D-town. You'll find the reasoning here is solid; After years of half-assed jokes about Germans and their preoccupation with automotive perfection, (as well as myriad poorly spelled jokes about various aluminum und schteel loving brands) it was decided that the time had come to check the place out in person. Sure, we've been all over the übershow that is Frankfurt, and we've shown you what comes out of Essen, but we've never really gotten to know Germany. It was mostly just a relationship of convenience where we never called the next day. This time we're serious, we're committed, we want to know all of Germany's friends and hang out in the cold drinking Gluhwein at the Weihnacht's Markt. Oh yeah, and completely geek out over the cars. Stay tuned for Deutschland-centric craziness.