Oh Man, Bo Darville Would've Dispatched These Guys Right Quick-Like

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We're a little bitter at Southern hipsters right now (except for Henry because he's as impossible to hate as he is irascible), but these Georgia kids had a great idea for a speed-limit protest. They drove four-wide on a four-lane at the posted limit and filmed the ensuing craziness, including an Angry White Van Man exploding his mirror on a disabled car on the side of the road. Plus, you know, we'd totally date at least two of those chicks. [Thanks to Nick for the tip.]


A Meditation on the Speed Limit [Google Video]

Chastise, Don t Punish: Brits Say Signs Reduce Speeds Better than Cameras [Internal]


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Some places it is. Like West Virginia, the law was passed to targed out of state drivers who were ignorant of the law and had no recourse but to pay when ticketed.