Since I couldn't find a DOTS car in Christmas-centric red and green, here's a solid red car to admire on our hard-earned day off from The Man's salt mines. We saw a somewhat rougher '60 Cadillac a while back, so I've been saving this car for a special occasion. Not only is it in excellent condition, it's the extra-slick two-door hardtop. Some folks like the convertible better, but I prefer the smoother lines of the hardtop; in fact, since 1960 is my favorite year for Cadillacs, the '60 2-door hardtop is my all-time favorite Cadillac (though I might select a more subdued color, were I shopping for my own).

This car doesn't always park on the street, but it definitely lives on the island.

It's so big and red that I figured I'd be able to see it from space; sure enough, when the Google Maps satellite passed overhead... parked outside that day!

And, while we're in space, you can also see the gold '60 Cad from low earth orbit!

Sometimes my favorite Detroit fins are the ones on late-50s Chryslers, but the '60 Cadillac has some real beauties. Not quite as absurdly overdecorated as the ones on the '59, yet still big and unapologetic.

But if you're looking for crazy chromium gingerbread on a car, just walk around to the front of this Cad. Such optimism! You'd never guess that GM would be firmly locked into Malaise a mere 15 years hence.

Normally I recommend Cherry Bombs for just about any vehicle, but not in this case. Wait, scratch that- Cherry Bomb this thing!

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