There is a time and a place for using a Bluetooth headset and the most common is in the car. I'm sorry if you do it, but if you wear one of these in public, you are a grade A, private first class asshole, period. Plantronics' 665 is a headset looking to combat and reduce the number of assholes, at least until car companies stops dicking around and include Bluetooth compatibility in all models standard. This Bluetooth headset includes a cradle that can charge the device via a 12V DC adapter.

Including a car charger allows for the headset to be removed before exiting the vehicle, for the sanity of everyone else in public. With the ability to charge in the car there is no need to leave it in your ear all hours of the day. My apologies to Plantronics for taking its new release and turning it into a rant against society. [Plantronics via AVING]