We had another near-tie in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll, with the '80 Rolls beating the '59 Triumph by just a few percentage points. Today, we've decided to present you with two starkly different options, either of which would be pretty damn cool to have in your personal automotive stable... after the copious application of time, money, and heartbreak, of course.

Owning a finned Cadillac limousine would make you feel like Dean Martin on the way to a gig at the Sands, with a suitcase full of cash in the trunk and a couple of showgirls pouring your martinis. Or, better still, like J. Edgar Hoover on the way to a wiretap, with a trunk full of incriminating files condemning your enemies to lives of misery! What would you say if you had a chance to buy a limo originally purchased by J. Edgar himself? According to its seller, this 1964 seven-passenger Cadillac Limousine is just such a car. The seller claims that GM Heritage has verified Mr. Hoover as the original purchaser of this vehicle... and then doesn't tell us much more. Does it run? Well, the engine and transmission are "intact and original, they should be rebuilt due to age," which we'll assume means "doesn't run." There's just the one blurry and incomplete photo, in which it appears that the car is constructed entirely of rust. We don't know the reserve, but starting bid price is just 1500 bucks.

With our next candidate, we go from a vague description concealing countless horrors to a meticulous description detailing countless horrors. This car is- or rather, was- a 1973 BMW 2002Tii, until someone tore out the engine and replaced it with a 320 unit. You still get the boxed control arms and good brakes, though. There's rust, there's body damage, and the interior is beat. Oh, and the body was painted Polaris Silver "with a shoe brush." Still, it runs and drives in its present condition. Current bid is just $710, and the seller claims the (unmet) reserve is "ridiculously low." He's motivated, because he's moving his BMW shop out West: Everything Must Go!

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