It appears that this whole Tata Motors and Ford deal has been something India has been planning for a long time. At first, the video above just seems like a funny Indian music video dedicated to cars. But then you start to notice something not quite right at about the 2:30 mark. Those are American cars! That's the "big fist" from Detroit, (You mean Joe Louis' fist, right? — Ed.) and the Henry Ford Museum (You mean THE Henry Ford Museum, right? — Ed.) and the Detroit Auto Show and... FoMoCo HQ! They've been planning it all along. And the dry humping in font of that Hyatt (You mean the Dearborn Hyatt....sigh...why do I even bother? — Ed.) sign is just them gloating. I for one welcome our new Indian overlords and look forward to dancing with them at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. Car Car Car!