Look, if you're here, you're like us. You love cars and you love driving. But, most people ain't like that. "You write about cars? Really? How boring. Who cares?" I get that a lot. Today, coming down a steep hill in the rain, the Honda S2000 in front of me jammed on his brakes. I knew my stopping prowess was good enough, but I also new that the odds were not good that the Toyota Previa behind me would be able to do the same. If I quickly changed lanes to the right, there was a Scion xB. To the left? A BMW 330i. I picked left and the Bimmer failed to tag me. In fact, I've only been behind the wheel for three accidents. Each time I was rear ended, and each time my car was stopped. Now, that said, I am probably more likely to see an opportunity and hoon it. Most likely, hoon it hard. So my loony hoony friends, are we lucky? Or skilled? Or what?