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So in case you weren't around, yesterday's big product story was the Hennessey 650R Nissan GT-R 0-60 time new 2009 Corvette ZR1. And although we're pretty excited we'll be seeing it live at next month's Detroit Auto Show, there were some folks even more excited than us — like the 'Vette-madmen at BadBoyVettes. You see, in case you didn't notice, "Jake" the Corvette racing skull, made its way into the engine bay of the new uber-Vette and let's just say those Corvette-loving boys are having a -gasm of some sort over the graphic this morning. Would that be a Jakegasm? No wait, maybe it's a Jakegasm? Whatever it is, here's what they have to say about it:

"Embossed on the top of the air intake snorkel ... deep down and almost out of sight ... is an evil looking "Jake" staring up at us, more sinister than ever. The reality of the situation sinks in - the ZR1 is branded with the Corvette Racing skull mascot.

We react with a yelp. We then look up and see them, arms folded, looking at us with confident grins on their big GM faces. We are instructed to say absolutely nothing...

And they haven't — until now. [BadBoyVettes]