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And we thought it was only here in 'merica where folks are willing to set aside allegations of fraud and wrongdoing against our choices for high political office. The same's true in South Korea, where the people have just elected former Hyundai CEO Lee Myung-bak as the new President-Elect of Korea's better half. This despite the parliament voting to authorize an independent counsel's investigation into Lee just days before the election in a stock manipulation case where prosecutors had already cleared him of wrongdoing. The counsel is set to complete the probe before the Feb. 25 inauguration, and Lee claims he's willing to step aside from the presidency if found at fault. Our bet is considering he won the presidency by a landslide 47.6% to 27.1% we're thinking that won't happen so much. At least if they ever want to get those Genesis sedans they've been promised. [via breitbart]