While Murilee has her Alameda, I have my hipster retirement community north of Downtown LA called Mt. Washington. It's the neighborhood that Antonio Viaragosa called home before he moved into the Mayor's mansion. The nearest cup of decent coffee is a fifteen minute drive, which I'm fine with. And we got cultists. So I find the following a touch funnier than you will. Not much, but a little:

Note to LAPD: if you are looking for a squad car that has gone missing for a few days, we may have located it on a pleasant, quiet hilltop public rue in Mt. Washington, across the street from a charming pomegranate tree that has good fruit.

Readers tell us it's car number 940 and it's been there for six days...you may like to check your inventory. Hope all is well on that street with all the construction and whatnot.

Someone is so getting tased over this. I can almost taste it. (A foamy tip of the black Falcons fez to Beechum for the tip) [Mayor Sam's Sister City]