Because real police work takes a lot of effort, cops in Rancho Cordova, California are pulling over people for good driving and giving them $5 Starbucks gift cards donated by local businesses. The idea came from a traffic cop who wanted to "promote the holiday spirit and enhance goodwill between the traffic unit and the motoring public." What if you don't like Starbucks coffee? Prepared to get tased, bro. It's a White Mocha Frap or a few thousand volts. African American community leaders applaud the effort as they'll be happy to see white people get pulled over despite doing nothing wrong for a change.

They apparently received a lot of money for the project and thus "they'll be pulling over a lot of people" according to Sgt. Tim Curran of the Rancho Cordova PD. So let this be a message to criminals out there: start robbing homes in Rancho Cordova this Chirstmas. The cops are too busy handing out gift cards. Go nuts. [AP via boingboing]