The cult classic game, Oregon Trail, has finally received a much needed update. Thule Trail is an independent game still utilizing the same style of graphics, but an updated story line that involves a cross-country trip to a music festival in a variety of cars including the Honda Insight, Dodge Nitro or an old Volvo station wagon, rather than a 19th century cross country trip of settlers in a rickety wagon.

Thule Trail includes many mini-games and scenarios that real-life cross-country road trippers will encounter like hitchhikers, prostitutes, dice games, hunting for food and more. It just reminds me of the days hunting and killing 999 pounds worth of buffalo, but only being able to carry 50 and being scolded for being wasteful, then getting dysentery and blaming karma for letting my daughter drown while crossing the river. Maybe this can help you enjoy the rest of your workday. [Thule Trail via Kotaku]