The Danish City of Grenå is doing something about all of the bicycle accidents occurring at busy intersections. The city will be installing See-Mi. See-Mi consists of 300 RFID sensors that will be installed into residents' bicycles and special RFID-sensing traffic lights at seven busy intersections. These traffic lights will know when a cyclist is approaching and activate a light warning the drivers at the intersection.

It's still the responsibility of the driver to actually pay attention to the warning, and then be aware of the approaching cyclist, but at least the scumbag lawyers of Grenå can find other ways to sue the pants off the city, like suing the pants off of the driver for not paying attention.

Another city installing a system to warn motorists of cyclists is Copenhagen. This city is installing diodes at intersections that will begin blinking when a cyclists passes a nearby sensor. No word on how they'll be able to tell the difference between a bike and let's say — a pair of joggers running in tandem.


Normally I would try to relate this to the United States traffic situation, but who I am kidding, the only bikes we really care about are of the fuel-burning variety. [Treehugger]