With the appearance of a Porsche 914 and 928 not long ago, the fact that we haven't seen a 911 since September becomes an issue. You see, this island has vintage 911s all over the place, and I need to break out some of the photos I've stockpiled. This '74 lives in the wealthy Gold Coast neighborhood, home of the mansion built by the 20 Mule Team Borax guy and, more importantly, the car with the best hood ornament ever.

This car parks on the street every day- no worries about rust, though sun damage to the interior might be a long-term issue. It's got some nicks and dings, no doubt sufficient flaws to cause a purist to cringe, but overall this is a nice solid car in good driving condition.

The 911 coupe was the cheapest 911 you could get in '74, with a list price of just $9,950. That's about $42,419 in 2007 dollars- not a bad deal at all, considering the Malaise-ridden machinery most other automakers were grunting off the assembly lines at the time.

The 2.7 in the base 911 was good for 143 horses, which even a Camry might laugh at today. However, 143 horsepower from a lightweight engine like the Porsche six was mind-blowing during an era of 140-horse big-block V8s.

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