Manufacturers have been adding gauges that calculate fuel economy on the fly for some time now, especially thanks to this whole green fad 'merica has going on. It's even inspired a video game-like sport called "Hypermiling." We're told Toyota wants to get a little bit more in on the fun by possibly expanding its selection of vehicles beyond the Prius that include gauges that monitor gas efficiency and usage. There is good reason to include gauges like this. Despite usually being pretty self-conscious of their driving, most drivers still usually shrug off criticism from other motorists, but once your car is telling you your driving style is exploding the ozone, then that may hit a bit more close to home than a faux "gas guzzler" ticket.

As we already said, Toyota has this option on its hybrids and is looking into including it on all their vehicles. Nissan will be including this type of gauge on all vehicles. Ford, Chrysler and GM have this feature on select models and even some Hondas have a glowing light that indicates efficient driving. We personally can't wait to see this show up on job sites as pickup owners start vying with each other over how little to carry in their bed or tow-hitched behind them in order to not lose their precious high MPG figure.


Vehicles are supposed to love, not judge, but I for one welcome our new judgmental car overlords — or at least until such a time as the crushing weight of guilt eventually succeeds in destroying my will to live. [Freep via Kicking Tires]