Finding your car in a garage or large parking lot can be a giant pain in the ass. Sometimes we feel like the best option sometimes is just to leave the car and hitch a ride home until the parking lot clears out. LOC8TOR, a company manufacturing household location hardware for keys, gadgets and more, wants to help you save your thumb for more important purposes, like shifting the new BMW X6. They've gone and doubled up with Chevrolet for a bigger and better version of it location-detecting device. The unit has the unfortunate acronym of KITTY, for Key Innovation That Talks to You.

The Chevy-branded LOC8TOR unit is placed within the vehicle. A handheld device is carried and when turned on activates a locate mode. While in locate mode KITTY will begin making noises alerting you to your vehicle. It can even have a custom messaged programmed into the base unit. "Hey dumbass, your car is over here!" And the funny thing is that everyone in the general vincinity would look in that direction.


There is no word what Chevy models will be offering the LOC8TOR, or when it'll happen, but we can only imagine a fleet of Tahoe's talking to each other in the mall parking lot while soccer mom owners do the same inside. [CG]