Return Of "Crazy-Eyes": The Many Moods Of A Jalopnik Editor, Round II Edition

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Wert's back, the big LeBeau-ski's back and Melissa Francis is filling in for Dylan Ratigan. So with the gang (+1) all back, it's time for another photo gallery from Wert's performance last night on CNBC's "On The Money" , this time he'll be playing Round II of the Official Car Pundit Drinking Game. So raise your glasses and drink in the silliness going on in Wert's head, 'cause it's time again to make fun of a Jalopnik Associate Editor. Ziggy-Ziggy-Ziggy!

Every single drop of the only Official Car Pundit Drinking Game [internal]

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Somehow the main picture reminds me a bit of the "Brady Bunch" show. this particular episode, Ray goes crazy and becomes a sociopathic killer over the fact that Alice wrecked his 'camino doing burnouts in the local grocery store parking lot!!!

I'll drink to that...