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Yowch. The machete-wielding rats on GM's listing ship have committed to cut a billion dollars from the company's global midsize car development programs by opening up the global parts bin to all, which means in a few years, nobody will be buying a hodgepodge of BLS93G6Malibu. This sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen, tossing what GM really needs โ€” a decent, yet distinctly American Camry/Accord competitor โ€” back into a born-from-badge-engineering blender.

They should just throw everything onto an extensible-and-shrinkable Holden Commodore platform and be done with it, much like Nissan did with its FM cars, and then replace the Cobalt and GM Cruiser HHR with a Kappa-based compact sedan/coupe/wagon. Because let's face it, as good as the GMT900s are purported to be (we think the new Sierra Denali may be the best-looking truck on the market), they're not gonna be the bacon-savers that light trucks proved to be for GM in the last decade.

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