What a Shocker! North Texas Ford Dealers Don't Like Homosexuals!

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We've known some fine people from North Texas. We made the decision to move to Central Texas of our own volition, and we still have many fond memories of the place and often miss it. To the coastal types who think all Texans are stereotypical bigots, well, we'd like to deflate that notion right now. That said, there is a reason for that impression, and a coalition of North Texas Ford Dealers sent a letter to HQ in Dearborn presenting their objections to Ford's rejection of concessions to the American Family Association after the Gay Mafia threatened to break some kneecaps.

While the actual letter is less inflammatory than the people at Ex-Gaywatch made it out to be, there's one segment of it that really chaps our hide:

"The folks supporting this boycott are not on the fringe, they are not religious fanatics that or persons typically protest, but are average citizens concerned for the well-being of their families and about an All-American company, like Ford advocating a lifestyle that they find objectionable."


No wonder, with truck and SUV sales tanking, Ford's looking to sell off Land Rover and Jaguar — you know how those Europeans are... [Thanks to CTE for the tip.]

Texas Ford Dealers Don't Want Gay Customers [Ex-Gay Watch]

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Thanks for that valuable (and strangely informed) statistical information, TPS.

Let's put it like this...Advertising is geared towards wherever the money is, period.

You have advertising oriented towards, black people, hispanics, and obviously white people. There is a money-making opportunity with gays, who purportedly purchase more luxury items, since they have more disposable income (right? I dunno). Does signing off limited advertising for gay people in gay oriented magazines mean you approve of their sexual partners? Or does it mean, you accept them as human beings who bleed red blood.

Churches, specifically, should start following Jesus' words and actions, and leave the judging and encouraging of bigotry of others to small-minded mental midgets.

Business requires customers...and the 'gay ones' that would buy from these Ford dealers, wouldn't even necessarily be spotted for gays anyways...so they're shooting themselves in the foot.