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We saw this story on Friday over in the Toronto Star, but really โ€” it was such an underwhelming story to publish we almost didn't go with it, even though a Chevy PR stud was adamant that they weren't ready to release anything yet โ€” cause you know how we love to throw down stuff that ain't ready-for-release. But then we saw the official announcement this AM, and remembered being inundated this weekend with the onslaught of jingoistic Chevy Dream Cruise PR, and realized that maybe by "American Revolution" Chevy really means a "North American Revolution" โ€” and yeah, that'd include Canada too. Yeah, we know, all that for a one-word joke โ€” but hey, what can we say โ€” we've been told to never cut funny โ€” no matter how stupid the story. [Yes, the picture above is yet another billboard trailer spotted during the Dream Cruise.]

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