A headline like that is like announcing Takera Kobayashi as the fastest hotdog eater in the world, or the Spice Girls to be the suckiest band ever — you run the risk of something coming along and going to the next level. Like Joey Chestnut. Or The Pussycat Dolls. This crash footage is from a time when we would have been really excited about NASCAR, unlike yesterday's half-assed coverage of the 2008 Daytona 500.

Look at the variety of cars in this 1960 race at the still new Daytona Super Speedway. Sure things were crude by todays standards, but there's a bunch of guys in short sleeve shirts blasting down a track at 150 mph in cars with the aerodynamics of a toaster. Look, you can see Bel Airs, 300's, there's a Fairlane, shoot, there are even some old Highboy's in this shootout. Now that's our kind of racin'. (As an aside, there have been few NASCAR names as awesome as the ones mentioned in the video; Banjo Matthews? Fireball Roberts? Awesome. And what do we get - Dick Trickle.)