Spy Photos: Lotus Esprit Test Mule

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It's high-altitude and brake testing that sent Lotus engineers into the Alps with a test mule that's likely the new Lotus Esprit coupe. Spies caught the patchwork supercar in the mountains, in the most complete prototype of the 2009 Lotus we've seen to date. It would appear that the blokes at Hethel have chosen a powertrain too, which sources say is a BMW 4.4 or 4.8-liter V8 hooked to Lotus's own ECU. Spies also say the Esprit, which reportedly has the Ferrari F430 in its sights, will also be built in roadster form.


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I like the old-skool blocky-square styling - really brings back memories of the 80s Esprit!

I think this is gonna be one serioiusly-fast car - look at the size of that "power-bulge" on the hood and the space in the back for the parachute for downhill braking assistance purposes! Of course, that's make it good for hill-climbs too, if you miss a curve and drive over the edge of a 1000' cliff, you're good to go once you pop the 'cute!