TVR Is Not OK: Production Will Likely Leave UK

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Considering how many tips on this story we've gotten, you guys obviously know how much we admire TVR (in philosophy if not execution) from afar. The bad news from Blackpool — a turn downward in the company's roller-coaster ride — is that TVR's planning to move production out of the UK, contrary to an earlier report indicating TVR would continue producing its muscular coupes in country. We're expecting the company's teenaged Russian billionaire owner to move production somewhere beyond the pale, potentially Slovenia, Poland or even Russia, to reduce costs. Now, how do we break the news to Trevor Wilkinson?


TVR to move car production abroad [BBC]

TVR Bucks Balance Sheet, Builds Limited-Edition Typhons; TVR Stabilizing? Workers Rehired [internal]


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There are a few brands/things in the world which we've seen disappear for all sorts of reasons.

I've never understood why the people out there who are ungodly weathly (like Warren Buffett wealthy) don't snatch up some of these brands and just treat them as a charity or at least not worry so much about making money. Like FAO Schwarz. Good for D.E. Shaw...he's restored the dreams of so many kids who are now parents. And for that, he has stored up for himself treasures in heaven. (Now I'm getting biblical on your asses!)

As for marques like TVR...and for that matter, my beloved Caterham. They deserve to live! If only because Cats are bloody quick (see post below). If only because, from what I see on Fifth Gear and read in the brit-pubs, TVRs are hella quick and quirky, make great sounds and have FULLY BESPOKE switch gear, unlike those Nobles with their Ford knobs and knockers.

J-niks...since you are apparently on a first name basis with Jay Leno...I keeeed.