Women Harder to Please than Men in Cars, Chuh

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We once put a ring on the finger of a woman whose career to date had been customer service. And when she got bad service herself, she was more than willing to complain about it. Rather loudly, we might add. We've also been in customer service. Or cotomer sevis, if you will. We understand when peons are hamstrung by corporate policy, and politely ask to speak to a superior. And then, when all devolves into a mess of dumbassery, we get vicious. Lately, we've dropped the AOL cancellation story to get our way.

But the point is this, based on our entirely unempirical evidence, men are more likely to let things slide than women. This is not always the case. We've known a few men, who on principle, will bitch down to the last overcooked pomme frite. In that case, we just don't go back to the offending place and don't recommend it to friends. Last night, while standing out in front of the bodega talking to a guy with a fairly-fresh Hachi with a killer set of Panasports, we watched some dude in an '80s Accord coupe mercilessly go off on a panhandler. We thought to ourselves, "Wow man, you wasted a portion of your life making somebody feel bad, when the time would've been better spent worrying about the badness of your haircut."


Which make the results of J.D. Power survey that Paukert hipped us to not exactly surprising. Apparently, given a compilation of fifteen-thousand polled, women are less satisfied with their cars than men, but only by a small margin. The numbers? 78.3 percent of women were satisfied with their vehicles, versus 79.6 for the XY types among us. The 1.3% differential isn't enough to write off our wives and girlfriends as loony by virtue of statistics, but it does speak to our own little theory that if a car goes, handles and brakes well, little inconveniences are more trivial for men.

On the other hand, women tend to be more concerned with things that simply work the way things are supposed to.

And on that note, in hard numbers, you have the explanation for the pansexual popularity of both the Mini and the Camry.

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