Chevy-Chevy-Chevy: The 789 by N2A Motors

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Lots of madness tucked into SEMA's nooks and crannies. To wit: the 789. Built on the bones of a C6 Corvette, the 789 is a style mashup of the 1957 Chevy, 1959 Chevy and 1958 Impala created by California design firm N2A (no two alike) Motors. (See, kids. Never smoke angel dust while you're thumbing through an issue of Car Craft). Want one? It'll cost around $40,000 over the price of a new C6 (MSRP ~$44,000). [Gallery]



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Hey - and you can do it youself!! Well... if you want a Ford..

Sorry for the long links, but you should really see the pics before you got the website. I've seen one of these up close, and while the T-Bird version is okay, the Cougar version is just all wrong...……