Dirty Dyane: Belgrade's Gypsy Car Culture

If necessity is the big, fat momma of invention, these Gypsy refugees from Kosovo are its scruffy patriarchs. Like modern day, beyond-the-pale Tom Joads, these guys get along by turning classic Citro n 2CV and Dyane models into functional rat rods that double as farm implements. This clip is from the documentary "Pretty Dyana: A Gypsy recycling saga," by Boris Mitic, a Serbian filmmaker; it chronicles the group's survival skills and mechanical acumen. Someone get these folks to San Bernardino, stat.


Fried-Out From the Factory: Yugoamino! [internal]

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Mike Spinelli

No, it's all our fault. You just have to get past those few minutes between when you conclude it's never going up, and when you decide to repost. Go have a sandwich, a glass of milk or something, then come back. It'll be there.