Something About England: London to Triple Congestion Tax on Large Cars

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Holy crap. Has Red Ken gone entirely friggin' starkers? As reported previously, London mayor Ken Livingstone plans to increase the congestion charge on large cars and SUVs to 25 quid (currently $47.50), while ditching it for drivers of electric cars and hybrids. He's also planning to ditch the 90% discount for large-car drivers who live inside the zone. This just strikes us as crazy. Bonkers. Nuts. And entirely unfair.


London Mayor Plans Tripled Traffic Charge on Big Cars (Update3) [Bloomberg]

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Theres a line in Shaun of the Dead where a character says "I don't see the point of owning a car in London."

From a pedestrian point of view, i completely agree with that statement. The Tube is quick,efficient and will get you mostly where you need to go, mini-cabs and buses will take care of the rest.

BUT the congestion tax business is completely batshit crazy (especially from my car-guy point of view). I also read elsewhere that this applies to luxury cars and sports cars. The idea behind it is that it will cut down on pollution, congestion, accidents etc etc etc, but in reality it is just another revenue maker. The majority of people who own "large cars/sports cars/luxury cars" within London city limits will more or less be able to afford it. This is the speed-camera solution to congestion and pollution. It won't work and is just there to pad the coffers of the city.