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Ein Schtang! More on the Next-Generation Mustang

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

Germany's Auto Motor und Sport offers an artist's rendering of what the next-generation Ford Mustang will look like, circa 2010-2012. The sketches reflect reports indicating the new design will involve less emphasis on retrograde cues in favor of a more modern, aggressive style. AMuS also predicts a kammback version, which may remind history buffs of the Pontiac Firebird wagon concept from 1978. Supposedly, the object would add utility to the 'stang's sporting ways. Could it be there's yet another shooting brake — sorry, macho kombi — in the wings? Oh, the humanity.


Mustang plant den Macho-Kombi [internal]

Updated Mustang for 2009, New Generation for 2012?; What Were They Smoking in Detroit: 1978 Firebird Kammback Concept [internal]


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That was a great link... until I got about a paragraph into it until I noticed the Foto-Show featuring Auto-Model Nicola on the lower right.