The Telly on the Lotus Cortina

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We quite enjoy the Belfast Telegraph's "Classic Cars" bits. They remind us of our youth in County Down, sitting on the ground floor of a two-story apartment by the sea eating biscuits with our cousins while Granny dried our swim trunks on the hot-water heater. We miss the smell of coal in the small, concrete-slathered backyard as we attempted to build a skimboard or a Tamiya model of a CR500R out by the shed.


We miss the girl with the surreally-perfect natural bosoms who worked at KFC a few blocks down who would only kiss us at night, but was prim and proper in uniform. And we very much miss the clapped-out Cortinas with "Rothmans Rally" decals across the windshield ripping down the country roads of Ulster. Sean O'Grady misses the Lotus Cortina. We can't blame him one feckin' bit.

Classic Cars: Lotus Cortina Mk 1 [Belfast Telegraph]

1963 Ford Lotus Cortina: A Finely Tuned Sport Saloon [Internal]

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Wait a minute - am I seeing double?.....…

And that Cortina pic at the top of the Belfast article ain't no Lotus.