Autoextremist Has High Hopes for Next Impala

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Sweet Peet claims that the last Impala was the car that drove him screaming from the ad biz and led him to, on June 1, 1999 — lest we forget — found and deliver the bare-knuckled, unvarnished, high-octane truth every Wednesday. Except when he takes the week off. Or goes to work at Chrysler. But this new one, due in '09, could be the car that saves Chevrolet in Peter's eyes. We're inclined to agree that this new Imp is a make-or-break car for GM. Next they need to slap some turbos (six? eight? forty-seven?) on the high-feature V6 and give Buick a Grand National back. Either way, they'll finally be able to compete with DCX's Bruce-infused LX cars.


GM finally does the right thing for Chevrolet. [Autoextremist]

Report: Next Impala Will Be Rear-Drive, More Upscale? [Internal]

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The return to RWD will be a good thing. I think we can all agree on this. Even the Donk dudes will be happy to see the return of the rear drive, because it is almost impossible to lift a FWD vehicle because of the angle of the driveshafts. That's right, expect to see some 2008 Imps lifted on 34s.