Mini Cooper Action In North Hollywood! Todd Phillips Shoots Commercial, We Get An Exclusive

Todd Phillips directed some pretty magnificent chase scenes in his time — like the car/boat scene in the recent "Starsky & Hutch" movie, or who can forget the epic snatch n' grab scene with Will Ferrell from "Old School?" Okay, so by magnificent — we mean magnificently horrible. Regardless — the man's been tasked by BMW to put together a new commercial for the new-for-2007 Mini Cooper line of itty-bitty cars, and Jalopnik reader Zack, a fairly regular contributor of corrected information — dropped us the following scoop:

This past weekend, Moxie Films shot scenes from a new Mini Cooper commercial campaign - right in the alley behind our own fabrication shop, here in North Hollywood, CA.


We've got Zack's video of the Phillips-directed chase scene above, a gallery below and after the jump, we've got a few more Zack-provided deets.

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*The director is Todd Phillips - he directed Old School and Starsky and Hutch (the new one, with Ben Stiller) *Rhys Millen was the driver behind the wheel of the Mini. Rhys is part of Drivers INC, which we are also affiliated with. It's a consortium of stunt drivers. *It's a new, 2007 Mini - they had 2 on set. *This was only 1 of 6 locations shooting today. The script is a rather extensive shoot, similar to the whole Starsky and Hutch motif. (Rhys was wearing a wig and a mustache!)


And oh yeah, is that the Porsche Cayenne camera-car I spy? Yeah, that's exactly what that is.

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Man, that Cayenne gets more action than, um, something that gets a lot of action. (?)