What's Easier than a Rod? An Easy Rod

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If the Rolls-Royce-grille-on-a-vw-beetle is your kind of meme, you may just want to run out and get an '88 or '89 Thunderbird or Cougar. Those are the donor vehicles for the Easy Rod, a kit whose result is a jackalopian beast that's part early-50s Merc, part late-80s FoMoCo, and altogether unsettling to look at. At current rates of depreciation, you can build one of these oddball canisters for around $1.97, give or take. Just don't expect to retire on a Barrett-Jackson score in ten years. Or ever. [Thanks to Vintage Racer for the tip.]

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The thing I hate about these kits is that it makes me spend too much time looking at the photos for some practical way of hiding the donor car's teltale lines.

I don't think it's happening. The Thunderbird had one of the most futuristic profiles of the late eighties. If you want to make a donor of that vintage look like something else, go look at the Mercedes 500SL kits for Ford Mustangs or Chrysler Lebarons.