Star-Studded Event Sells GS 450h Under MSRP!

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Over at ForbesAutos, Nate Chapnick tells the tale of a Lexus GS450 that went for four grand under MSRP in a Hollywood charity auction for marine conservancy Oceana. Although entry to the event cost people 500 to 1,500 ducats, people started leaving when the car, donated by the Toyota unit, actually went on the block. It rather quickly went for $54,000 to Ted Danson's agent, who then crowed, "I just got the winning bid on the GS 450h, $4,000 under MSRP!" Ah, agents. They sure do love the art of the deal non?


On the Block: A Hot Hybrid Goes Cheap in Hollywood [ForbesAutos]

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If i were Ted Danson's agent, i'd look into shopping for bargains too. 10% of a Lifetime made-for-tv movie salary can't be that much.