You know, for a man who has claimed repeatedly that he can't survive outside of New York City, Woody has a whole lot of memorable car moments in his movies. Who could forget him, Annie Hall and Max cruising out to Coney Island in Annie's droptop Bug? Or, from the same film, when Christopher Walken gives them a ride to the airport in the 911? Or when he shreds his driver's license in front of the cop after he repeatedly smashes up his rented Caddy? From Sleeper when the Bug starts up: "It's a 200-year-old Volkswagen! Wow, they really built these things, didn't they?" There was that whole thing about the mid-life crisis Porsche in Manhattan. Even the less than stellar Say Anything had that great scene with Woody smashing out taillights with a tire iron. And of course, who could forget the sequence in Deconstructing Harry when Woody shows up in the Volvo wagon at his old college to accept an honorary degree with his kidnapped son, a black hooker and a dead guy? But the best Woody Allen/car moment didn't even involve cars.

No, it was the part in Bananas where he's describing his dream to his analyst. He's being carried down Wall Street by men in black hooded cloaks while strapped to a cross. Suddenly, they find a parking spot and attempt to parallel it. However, another crucified man attempts to steal the spot. The two began shaking their fists at each other. Naturally, I couldn't find that clip, so just enjoy this one, also from Bananas.