Even though I'm technically a "blogger," I'm really sort of an internet curmudgeon. Abbreviations like "ty," "brb" and especially the dreaded "LOL" make me cringe. And violent (and for you online poker players "nh" and "gg" get the boot in the crotch, too). I also detest smiley faces with all my heart. While I'm slowly adjusting to the term "blog," the contrivance "Blogosphere" makes me throw up a little bit. In your mouth. I finally broke down and started using instant messenger this year only because that's how Jalopnik communicates. RSS feeds confuse me. I don't have a Facebook account. Or Myspace (well... my old band has a page, but broke up two years ago). I did have a Friendster account back when Friendster was cool... jk. Oh, kill me now! And man, do I (jump) hate cat pictures.

Today's winner comes from the red light camera QOTD. We sort of had an inkling that this post would raise hackles generate lots of good discussion, but there is, as there always is, one who stands above the fray. His name is akirachan, and this is what he said:

Evil, I tell you, evil. Big brotha is watching you! Next thing you know they will tell you to shit in camera!

Now, is that an LOL or a ROTFLMFAO? Christ, this feels dirty.