You'll Put Her Eye Out, Kid: Stereo Hoonage Causes Poppage

We're all for customizations of any kind, and especially in car audio and video. There's nothing quite like dropping 10K on a car — then 15K on the stereo system, LCD screens and tight XBOX 360 integration systems — to make the ladies scream. But there comes a point in time when a person's got to decide, should a system merely figuratively make your eyes pop out of your skull or should it literally make your eye pop out of your skull. We guess you could always go the third route — you know, just make glass eyes pop from sockets — like these stereo hoons here.


[via CarDomain]

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Tonsoffun: Your talking home stereo equipment, i run some of the best Car Stereo equipment for what i do. All that bass is, "dumb" to you because thats your opinion...i have 3300 watts available to my mids/highs, the truck has 20 speakers, 16 of them are NOT subwoofers. Dont let the fact that the camera cant take the bass fool you into thinking this Tahoe is pure bass and nothing else. Oh BTW (LMAO) you dont get tickets for bumping your system at car shows......

Brad: do you have any and i mean ANY idea what your talking about? Show me a 4000 watt RMS amp for $ one brand. Flea markets dont count. These amps are Rockford Fosgate T4000.1Bd's and MSRP on them is $2800. I have 4 of them, one on each sub and they are at .7 ohms so im getting more power then the rated 4700+ RMS at 1 ohm, close to 5,000 watts each. Hey you want to talk about Dominoes pizza delivery bro, we can play a game of "paycheck poker" and see whos working at Dominoes. Go to my site and see for yourself. I dont think a pizza delivery guy like, your old man was, could afford the stuff im running.

This video was made for fun at a stereo contest and filmed for the crowd reaction, the glass eye thing just happend, it was funny and thats about it. Thanks for putting your .2 cents in though.