Esprit d'Corps: Lotus Newsletter Highlights Plans

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Lotus's latest corporate newsletter has more than just snapshots from the last company pot-luck supper (cheese puffs again?). It's got a primer of the engineering process that will, one day, lead to a replacement for the long-running Esprit and the new Versatile Vehicle Architecture (VVA) that will underpin its next-generation models. It also features sketches of prospective cars, including a GT coupe and a seven-seat crossover, which speak equally to Lotus's project outsourcing business as to its own brand. Speed through lightness through technology. How clever.

Lotus reveals information about Esprit development [Motor Authority]

Spy Photos: Lotus Esprit Test Mule; Lotus's Master Plan: Three New Models in Five Years; Hello, My Name is Esprit: Lotus Boss Namedrops New Flagship [internal]


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God help us all if Lotus starts making a mini-SUV.

I think that's one of the 7 sign of the apocolypse, isn't it?