Wouldn't You Really Rather Have a Viper-Powered PT Cruiser?

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Shoehorning batshit enginery into small cars is nothing new. In fact, Carroll Shelby would just be another has-been racer from Texas if he'd not engaged that very practice. But is there no limit?

Will consider working a deal for 1969 Z/28 Camaro, 1970's Cuda or Challenger

Well, I should say so.

2001 Chrysler Streetrod [eBay]

V10 Turbo Viper-Powered Cuda [internal]

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No title? Um... was it a kit car? Even kits are built on car frames that have titles, what'd he do, steal this car??

So what's he want, 15 grand, he hands me the keys and a hearty handshake? How TF are you suppose to get plates without a title? Is the owner out-of-town for a bit so he decides to ebay it?

No wonder no one bid.

Not only that but he got rid of the rear seats and put a crappy 3 foot bed back there without a tailgate, essentially making it a Ford Lightning but without a decent truck bed.

I'd rather have the lightning, and you can get one used for 15k easy and it's just as powerful as a viper engine. Course this is more unique...