Robot Down: The Untold Story Of Honda Asimo's First Fall

Oh no...not again! It really is creepy how lifelike they look, even when they're falling — but the folks at Honda certainly learned after this, the first stumble of the Asimo tumble-bot, the importance of having a good screen nearby.


Honda ASIMO Vs Banana Peel...Again [Gizmodo]


Oy, Robot: Asimo Down! Asimo Down! [internal]

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Mark Miller

I agree with Mr4Runner on the previous Asimo-on-his/her-Ass video. "That was the funniest thing I've seen all week and I can't figure out why."

Maybe Honda would get more publicity if they toured doing a show featuring all sorts of robot pratfalls, complete with their frantic, horrified robot-engineer daddies madly dashing about. Tiny Honda ambulances speeding in and carrying away the robot casualties. Occasionally even a little Honda robot hearse. The guilt-free "Robots-Falling-Down" show would be way more entertaining than Americas Funniest Videos.